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Lecture Video: A Forgotten Terrorist

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Lecture Video: The Baekdu Daegan as One Mountain System

Roger Shepherd discusses his travels throughout the Baekdu Daegan during this RAS Korea lecture.


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Lecture Video: Early Western Learners of Korean: What Can They Teach Us?

Lecturer: Dr. Robert J. Fouser, November 12th, 2013
For other recorded lectures, see our YouTube page. For a list of upcoming lectures, please see our home page.

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Lecture Video: Yǒngye Kunin and North Korean National Identity

Lecturer: Prof. Tatiana Gabroussenko (Korea University)

Among the most persistent mobilising campaigns of the last fifteen years in the DPRK’s mass media is the sǒn’gun, or “military first” concept, which implies the primacy of the military in all spheres of North Korean life. Sǒn’gun propaganda is promoted through a wide variety of media and narrative forms.

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