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Homer Hulbert Biography

By Brother Anthony, president of the RAS Korea. More information about the early history of the RAS can be found here.

Happy Birthday, James Scarth Gale (February 19, 1863 – January 31, 1937)

By Brother Anthony, president Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch

The origional piece can be found here.

Born in Canada 150 years ago, James Gale was one of the founders of the Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch in 1900.

The RASKB Returns to Life: 1911

Brother Anthony of Taizé

This was the context in which, on January 23, 1911, the RASKB was reborn, at a meeting attended by eight men and one woman. Only two of the original founders of the RASKB were present at the January 1911 meeting, James Gale and the Methodist missionary doctor William Benton Scranton (1856-1922). The meeting was held in Scranton’s Sanitarium.

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Steps to Annexation: 1903-1910

Brother Anthony of Taizé

Steps to Annexation: 1903-1910

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Korean Transformations 1882-1900

Brother Anthony of Taizé

2. Korean Transformations 1882-1900

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Royal Asiatic Society explores Korea’s hidden depths by Korea.net

Here is a nice write-up about the Royal Asiatic Society from Korea.net. There is a lot of great information about the history of the organization and many RAS members are quoted.

Please share this article with your friends so more people can learn about RAS and become members.

For over a century, the Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch has gathered
various foreign residents of Korea -- missionaries, diplomats, Peace
Corps volunteers, and various other adventurers.

American’s lifelong love of Korean music

A very intersting account of RAS member Alan Heyman's love of Korean music and how he came know it. Be sure to read the article fro the Korea Herald if you already haven't done so.


How to Find & Download Transactions Online

Royal Asiatic Society Transactions Online

The complete volumes can be found in the Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch E-book Archive. Here are the instructions for finding and downloading the volumes:

Go to the RASKB home page and select E-book Archive on the right side of the page.

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