Tour Recap: Experiencing Korean spirituality through Buddha, Buddhism and Seon

On January 19, 2013, members and friends of the RAS Korea met for a new excursion led by Mr. Jun Shin. During the five hours, participants visited many historical relics near Dongguk University including Supyogyo Stone Bridge, the statue of Samyeong (Buddhist monk during the Imjin War who organized monk soldiers) and Jeonggakwon temple.

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Daehangno and Hyehwa-dong Tour Recap

Last Saturday I attended the RAS-KB tour to Daehangno and Hyehwa-dong led by Dr. Robert Fouser. The tour was a combination of exploring hanoks (traditional houses) and architecture as well as discussing current real estate laws and policies. Undoubtedly one of the highlights of the tour was learning about the future of traditional neighborhoods, government and corporate policies and redevelopment districts. Although our discussion was nothing short of enlightening, it was far too complicated and detailed to recap in any meaningful way here.

Check Out Pictures From The Andong International Mask Dance & Hahoe Village

For more pictures from our trip to Andong, see our Facebook page. To learn more about the upcoming October 6-7 RAS trip to Andong, see here.

Upcoming tours with expert guides you can't find anywhere else

Dear Members and Friends of the Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch

I would like to stress how important the Leader is on our excursions. This month and next we are offering some very special trips with very special leaders. I think you will enjoy them. Please send an email to royalasiatickorea@gmail.com if you are interested in joining us on any of these excursions

Br Anthony
President, RASKB

RASKB Excursion to Andong October 6-7

Dear RASKB members and friends,

Check Out Our New Ganghwa Island Album

Click here to see pictures from a 2010 RAS trip to beautiful Ganghwa Island.

Pictures from the Danyang and Seorak excursions now on Facebook

Pictures from two great summer excursions are now available on Facebook. Please "Like" our albums and follow RASKB on Facebook if you are not already doing so.

Royal Asiatic Society explores Korea’s hidden depths by Korea.net

Here is a nice write-up about the Royal Asiatic Society from Korea.net. There is a lot of great information about the history of the organization and many RAS members are quoted.

Please share this article with your friends so more people can learn about RAS and become members.

For over a century, the Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch has gathered
various foreign residents of Korea -- missionaries, diplomats, Peace
Corps volunteers, and various other adventurers.

Join RAS on Facebook

I just wanted to let everyone know that there is an RASKB Facebook Group and an RASKB Facebook page. Both are updated regularly and there is a lot of good information. The Facebook group will give you a great way to interact with fellow members and the page will be updated with important news and pictures.

Please join both and be part of the discussion and the action. Here is the link and please tell other people as well:


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