2017 Lectures

January 10 Andrew Salmon - The Korean War: Who Won? Who Lost? Who Cares?

January 24 Robert Neff - Ghostly Encounters of Modern Korea

February 7 Se-Woong Koo - The Meaning of Park Geun-hye: South Korean Democracy at Crossroads

February 28 DongJin Kim - Homer B. Hulbert, Hidden Hero of Korea and Pride of America

March 14 Kathryn Weathersby - The Joint Communiqué of July 4, 1972: Korea’s First Agreement on Unification: What was behind it?

March 28 Robert J. Fouser - The 386 Generation and the Quest for the “Good Country”

April 11 Michael Breen - Public Sentiment and its Place in Modern Korea

April 25 Adrian Buzo - Do we learn nothing from writing history? Ten reflections after writing a modern history of the two Koreas

May 10 Christian Barde - Seoul Global City in a pan-organizational environment. From solid to fluid society, an evolutionary movement leading where?

May 23 Yi Song-mi - Korean Art in Its East Asian Context

June 7 David Fields - A Mere Scrap of Paper: The 1882 Korean-American Treaty, Syngman Rhee, and the Division of Korea

June 27 Viktoriya Kim - Re-visiting the 1937 deportation of ethnic Koreans to Central Asia: 80 years of survival and prospering through the ordeal

July 11 Eugene Y. Park – The Progeny of Fallen Royals: The Gaeseong Wang in Joseon Korea

July 25 Jin Y. Park - “Women and Buddhism: Engaging Zen Master Kim Iryŏp”

Sept 12 Andrei Lankov - The cracks in the alliance: the Soviet Union and North Korea in 1955-1960

Sept 26 David Straub - Anti-Americanism in Contemporary South Korea

Oct 17 Ross King - “I thank Korea for her books:” James Scarth Gale, Korean Literature in hanmun, and Allo-metropolitan Missionary Orientalism

Oct 31 William Mako - IMF 20 years

Nov 14  Daniel S. Oh - Yongsan

Nov 28 David Mason - New Findings on “Go-un” Choi Chi-won's Legacy of Poetry, the Heavenly Amulet Scripture and Associated Sites

Dec 5 Woo-seok Kong - The Korean Red Pine: a companion from cradle to grave

Dec 19 LAST MEETING OF THE YEAR: BR Myers - 'North Korea’s Unification Drive'

Jan 09  Ned Forney - The Untold Story of Heungnam 

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