(Confirmed) Korea's Royal Tombs Walking/Bus Tour

Sunday, November 12, 2017 -
12:30pm to 5:30pm
Various Tombs, Seoul
W20,000 - W25,000
Tour Leader: 
JiHoon Suk


OUR LEADER: Ji-hoon Suk
START: Front of Exit 1 of Guri 구리 station (Gyeongui Jungang line 경의중앙선) *

PRICE: W20,000 for RASK Members; W25,000 for non-Members + local bus fares

* We will meet in front of Exit 1 of the Guri 구리 station (on Gyeongui Jungang line 경의중앙선) at 12:30, where we would take a town bus to get to the first sets of the Royal Tombs. After seeing about 3 or 4 Tombs in this complex, we would then proceed to go to the second sets of tombs, which is about 15 to 20 minutes away.


The Royal Tombs of Joseon Dynasty are historically, aesthetically, and environmentally significant, and it has been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2009.

It cannot be overemphasized that these tombs are not merely burials of Kings and Queens but also fine examples of unique architectural style and landscaping based on Confucian ideologies. However, it has been largely excluded from the eyes of foreigners, as most of them are located in relatively remote areas around Seoul. Not only that, there has been very little English materials about the Royal Tombs available either on print, or online.

This tour would serve as an unique opportunity (for anyone interested in Korean history) to learn about the Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses of the Joseon dynasty from the beginning to the end, with extensive overviews on each of their lives.   

In this tour, we would visit two major complexes of Joseon Royal Tombs. The first is the Dong'gu-reung 동구릉 東九陵, or the Eastern Nine Tombs, which includes the Geonwon-reung 건원릉 健元陵, Tomb of King Taejo 태조 太祖, the founder of the dynasty who died in 1408.

After seeing few notable Royal Tombs in this complex, we will then move on to the next complex, the Hong'yu-reung 홍유릉 洪裕陵, where the two Emperors (and the last ruler of the Joseon dynasty), Gojong and Sunjong are laid to rest. The complex also includes several smaller tombs of the last members of the Joseon Royal Family, including Crown Prince Yeongchin 영친왕 英親王, Princess Deokhye 덕혜옹주 德惠翁主, and Yi Gu 이구 李玖, the last pretender to the Korean Imperial Throne from 1970 until his death in 2005.    

Please be sure to check back here on the RASKB web site on Thursday, November 9, to see whether we are confirming or canceling this walk. 

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