(Confirmed - updated info) Museum SAN Excursion

Saturday, November 4, 2017 -
9:00am to 5:30pm
Wonju, Gangwon Province
85,000KRW for members and 95,000W for non-members
Tour Leader: 
Kathryn Weathersby


Royal Asiatic Society, Korea Branch
Photo by Ras Al Khaimah

Museum SAN Excursion
This is the first RASKB Excursion we are sharing with the German Club!

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Date: Saturday, November 4, 2017 - 9:00am to 5:30pm (estimate)
Destination: Museum SAN, near Wonju, Gangwondo
Cost: W85,000 for RASKB & German Club members; W95,000 for non-members - includes W28,000 museum admission fee; no meals included, food may not be brought onto museum grounds

Tour Leader: Kathryn Weathersby

Summary: The tour will consist of traditional and avant-garde art using hanji as a medium plus the impressive works of American immersive artist James Turrell. The architecture of the museum is a central part of the SAN experience. Japanese architect Tadao Ando designed the museum as an “architectural walk” unfolding through distinct areas along 700 meters of the narrow mountaintop.   


Opened in 2013 by the Hansol Foundation of Culture, Museum SAN (Space, Art, Nature) is a jewel of contemporary Korean cultural life. Located on a scenic mountaintop outside Wonju, it is designed to provide a respite from hectic city life and “energy for life” through art and nature.

We usually think of paper as fragile, but Korean hanji is famous for being strong and long-lasting. For centuries it was one of Korea’s main exports to China, where it was prized as a material for precious manuscripts and drawings. Domestically, it was also used to make trays, boxes, and other functional objects. Covering windows and walls, it added warmth and a subtle beauty to interior spaces.   The special qualities of Korean paper come from the material it is made from -- the bark of the mulberry tree – and the slow, laborious process of making it. To celebrate, investigate, and preserve this cultural tradition, the Hansol Paper Company, Korea’s leading producer of paper of all types, has built a spectacular museum on a mountaintop near Wonju, a traditional center of paper-making. Museum SAN includes galleries that present the process of making hanji, outstanding antique objects made from it, and innovative contemporary art using this distinctively Korean material.
Befitting the hanji tradition, Museum SAN is designed to provide a respite from hectic modern  life. To accomplish this goal, architect Tadao Ando designed the museum as an “architectural walk” unfolding through distinct areas along 700 meters of mountaintop. The Welcome Center leads to an expansive flower garden with monumental sculptures by Mark di Suvero and Anthony Caro. The walk continues through a birch grove to the water garden, shallow pools that reflect the sky, trees, and stone walls. Walking under Alexander Liberman’s red archway sculpture, as though through the main gate of a Korean mountain temple, you enter the main building, surrounded by flowing, terraced pools of water. The path winds through the main building in circular, maze-like patterns. It then opens into the stone garden, circling mounds inspired by the ancient tombs of the Silla Dynasty.
The walk culminates at a building housing four extraordinary light installations by James Turrell, the largest collection of his work in Asia. Titled Skyspace, Horizon Room, Wedgework, and Ganzfeld, these installations play with perception and light in original, unforgettable ways.  We must be at the entrance to the Turrrell exhibits for  reserved guided exhibit tour before 2:30 pm on Saturday.For more information on this remarkable artist, please check out: 






We will go through the exhibit at our own pace, with the exception of the Turrell exhibit building, which has timed entry.  During the museum walk, we can stop for drinks at the museum café, where we may be able to snag seats at the outdoor tables floating on the water garden.     

However, since entrance to the Turrell exhibits is timed, we will meet at that building at 2:45 pm The guided experience through the four halls lasts 30 minutes. We then have time for a leisurely walk back to the Welcome Center, a browse through its gift shop, and a restroom break before boarding the bus at 4:00 pm

To better understand the overall experience, please check out Ras Al Khaimah's  Hanji Happenings at Museum SAN

The bus will meet us in front of the Yongsan Post Office, just outside Exit 1 of Sinyongsan Station (line 4 or blue line of the Seoul Metro). The bus leaves at 9AM

**NOTE: The usual Exit 1 of Sinyongsan Station [신용산역] is currently closed for construction. Please take Exit 4 and cross the street twice (exit 1 is to your diagonal left from exit 4: taking exit 6 will take you on a long detour). There will also be a map for directions in the underground passway of the Metro station. 

To register, email the below RSVP information below to royalasiatickorea@gmail.com by Wednesday, November 1, 2017. Or, you may register online by clicking here.  Please wait for a confirmation from the RASKB before making a payment.    



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