Geumsan-sa & the Eunjin Mireuk

Saturday, November 22, 2014 -
8:00am to 7:30pm
Jeollabukdo (or North Jeolla Province)
70,000W for members and 84,000W for non-members
Tour Leader: 
Brother Anthony

This excursion will take us to Geumsan-sa temple near Gimje, where there is a lot to see; on the way back we will visit Gwanchok-sa Temple in Nonsan to admire the great Eunjin Mireuk statue.

Geumsansa (literally "Golden Mountain Temple") stands on the slopes of Moaksan in Gimje City, North Jeolla Province. It is one of the largest temple complexes of the region and contains many unique treasures. Like most other Korean temples, its buildings were completely destroyed during the Japanese invasion of the 1590s, then rebuilt in the decades that followed. And like many other temples, its stone monuments survived the Japanese attack unscathed.

Outstanding in Geumsan-sa is the 3-storied Mireukjeon hall containing a gigantic gilded statue of Mireuk (Maitreya, the Buddja of the future). The statue is the largest indoor standing Buddha in the world, reaching 11.82 meters in height. The two other statues standing on right and left of Mireuk are 8.8 meters tall.On the north side of the temple stands a 2-story platform, Songdae, on which stand a 5-story pagoda and the Bangdeunggyedan, a bell-shaped stupa of the kind usually designed to contain relics of the Buddha. This seems to date from the early years of the Goryeo dynasty. There are several other old stone monuments, some of them rather mysterious, and in all the temple contains 10 or more national treasures.

Driving back as far as Nonsan, we will visit Gwanchok-sa, a temple which is famous for the “Eunjin Mireuk”, a towering standing stone Mireukbul statue, located on Banyasan (Wisdom Mountain) in Nonsan City. Gwanchoksa was founded by Master Hyeomyeong in 968 near the beginning of the Goryeo Dynasty. In 970 Master Hyeomyeong began constructing the 18.2m/60ft-tall granite Mireukbul (Maitreya - the Future Buddha), and the Seokdeung stone lantern in front of it. Both were completed by 1006. The statue has a small body, a large head, and a flat mortarboard-like hat on top of its headpiece, with wind chimes hanging from the four corners. Gwanchoksa's Main Buddha Hall was erected in 1386, and restored by Master Baekji in 1581. The Mireukbul is designated National Treasure #218 and the stone lantern is Treasure 232.

Our excursion will start from beside the Yongsan Post Office (Subway, Line number 4, blue line, Sinyongsan Station #429, exit #1) at 8:00 a.m. and return is slated for 7:30 p.m. We will eat lunch on arrival at the temple in a restaurant near the entrance. The price of lunch is included in the cost of the excursion.

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