(New! ) Songnisan National Park & Beopju-sa

Saturday, November 25, 2017 -
8:00am to 9:00pm
W75,000 - W89,000
Tour Leader: 
Sue Bae
Royal Asiatic Society, Korea Branch


Date & Time:   Saturday, November 25, 2017 - 8:00am to 9:00pm (estimate)
Destination:    Songnisan National Park, Chungbuk
Departure:     The bus will depart from the Yongsan Post Office (Subway Line
                        Number 4, Blue Line, Sinyongsan Station #429, Exit 1) *
Cost:               W75,000 for RASKB members; W89,000 for non-members
                         (all meals' costs are additional)
Tour Leader:   Sue Bae

1. Summary: 
We will go to Songnisan National Park to view ancient temple complex amongst mountain scenery, ending with a group dinner.

2. Itinerary:

After leaving Seoul in the morning, we will drive straight to one of Korea's foremost Buddhist centers, Beobju-sa temple, which has some very beautiful scenery. Located in the magnificent Songni Mountains, Boebjusa is one of the most famous temples in Korea, and boasts three national treasures and numerous other cultural assets.  In addition, this temple contains Korea's largest Mireuk (Buddha of the Future) image, which towers an impressive seventy-five feet over the sprawling temple grounds and is the largest free-standing bronze Buddha in Asia. Beobjusa is also the provincial headquarters of the Jogae sect of Korean Buddhism, and is noted not only for its outstanding architectural features, but also for the natural beauty of its setting
Beobju-sa temple was founded in 553 and the temple was rebuilt and expanded in 776.  Like many other temples of the time, it was destroyed by the Japanese in 1592, but rebuilt in 1624.  Several of the buildings that now stand on the grounds date from that period, but some stone carvings from the Shilla period that still exist here. It is said that Beobju-sa once housed 3,000 monks, but the number has now dwindled and the biggest object of attention is the Mireuk Buddha mentioned above.  Another highlight is the five-story wooden pagoda which is National Treasure #55.  It is the only large wooden pagoda in the country and one of the few wooden structures in Korea that survives from the early 1600's.
This building has a very striking resemblance to Horyuji temple in Nara, Japan. Some scholars believe the Horyuji pagoda was constructed under Paekje supervision, others that it was only inspired by Paekje design.

There will be an opportunity for a 2-hour leisurely hike up to and back from the  mountain Buddhist am (monks' quarters) of Bokcheon-am.

3. Miscellaneous:

Don't forget to pack a lunch for the trip or plan to buy one at a rest stop.  We plan to have dinner together, at additional expense, before returning to Seoul.

Warm, comfortable clothes and good walking/hiking shoes are recommended, as we will be walking/hiking at a higher mountain elevation.

* Please note that Sinyongsan Station's Exit 1 is under construction, so if you arrive by subway, go out Exit 4 and cross over, above ground, to the Post Office.

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