(note date/time change) Petroglyphs and Other Ancient Remains of Ulsan

Saturday, April 15, 2017 - 7:30am to Sunday, April 16, 2017 - 2:15pm
Ulsan, Gyeongsangbukdo
210,000W for members and 252,000W for non-members
Tour Leader: 
Cheryl Magnant (and Sue Bae)


On this excursion with the RAS we will venture to Ulsan, Gyeongsangnam-do, and see many of the overlooked but ancient remains of the thriving industrial shipping city of Ulsan. Several highlights on this excursion are:

Bangudae petroglyphs, National Treasure No. 285 — This petroglyph cliff is considered the nicest petroglyph specimen in Northeast Asia and in 2017 the petroglyphs are slated to be submitted as another UNESCO treasure for South Korea. These are not the only petroglyphs in Korea but they get a lot of attention because of their rich variety of animals and historical records, such as hunting and flensing whale, that make them particularly unique in world history. We will go to the Ulsan Daegok Museum and the Ulsan Petroglyph Museum, not surprisingly shaped like a whale in deference to the remarkable petroglyphs nearby, to learn more about history, preservation and future of the 3,500 - 7,000-year- old rock carvings.

A rustic 2.3 km hiking trail connects these two museums. The trail is scenic and not to be missed, even if it rains. At the head of the trail are the Ulju Cheonjeon-ri Petroglyphs, National Treasure No. 187 and the Cheonjeonri dinosaur tracks and at the tail is an aerial view of the whale-shaped Ulsan Petroglyph Museum. Those not wishing to walk the scenic trail can be transported by bus, but moderate walking is still necessary. Walking shoes are recommended.

source: http://florentrivere.blogspot.kr/2011/11/ulsan-petroglyph- museum.html


Our accommodations will be at Ilsan Beach, a new tourist zone beside Daewangam Park, which is where Queen “Munmu”, wife of King Munmu who is famed for having the only underwater tomb in the world, is theoretically buried. We will learn the legends surrounding this off-shore tomb, the mirror tomb of her husband, and spend the evening hours relaxing and wandering around this large peninsula of rock and pine trees. The park of 14,000 pine trees and boulder-cliffs is one of Ulsan’s scenic sites.

The following morning, the early-birds can shoot sunrise photos from their motel windows or return to the beach or Daewangam Park for those sunrise shots. After a light breakfast we will go to the Jangsaengpo Whale Museum and whale experience area to learn more about the history of whaling in Korea, the type of whales that migrate along the coast, and for the bold, to have whale meat cuisine along the waterfront. This waterfront is the only place in Korea where whale meat can legally be purchased and visitors flock here for the whale eating experience.

Jangsaengpo is recognized as the migration site of Gray Whales and supposedly the only spot from the peninsula from which whales can be seen. Therefore, the spot has been designated Natural Monument No. 126.

If time allows on our return to Seoul, we will pass by King Munmu’s off-shore tomb near Gyeongju. This is a site for shamans to come and for gut to be held at night. By daylight, there’s little to see but the thought that King Munmu’s dragon spirit still soars overhead protecting the eastern shore should bolster us for the long return ride back to Seoul.


210,000W for members and 252,000W for non-members




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