Sajik Park and Inwang-san Shamanic Shrines Walking Tour

Sunday, May 18, 2014 -
9:30am to 1:00pm
Mt. Inwang, including Sajik Royal Altar, etc
20,000 for RASKB members and 25,000 for non-members
Tour Leader: 
David A. Mason

Starting Point: outside Exit #1 of Gyeongbok-gung Metro Station (Orange Line #3)
Finishing Point: Exit #2 of Dongnipmun Metro Station (Orange Line #3)
Destination: Mt. Inwang, including Sajik Royal Altar, Yulgok & Mother Statues, Dangun Shrine, great views by the City Wall, and the Inwang-sa Shamanism shrines & crags
Cost: w20,000 for members and w25,000 for non-members
Tour Leader: Professor David A. Mason

This is an interesting guided visit to unusual but fascinating sites very close to busy and modern downtown, including the Sajik Joseon-Dynasty Altars to the Earth and Harvest, the tall statues of a great Neo-Confucian philosopher and his mother, the large shrine for King Dan-gun (mythical founder of Korea, grandson of the Lord of Heaven) just up behind the park, great views by the old Seoul City Wall.

And then we will tour Inwang-sa, Seoul’s center of Shamanic shrines and practice with amazing sacred crags, including the famous Seon-bawi rocks, the Guksa-dang National Spirit Shrine, and some great views of downtown Seoul. Our expert guide will explain all the backgrounds and continuing modern significance. We may or may-not see some live-action Shamanism happening right in front of us; you never know. As the Inwang-sa complex is built on a very steep slope, some short steep-uphill climbing is necessary on cement stairways and roads; but it's worth it!

Please join us for this opportunity to see and learn some fundamental aspects of Korea’s Nationalist and Folk-Shamanic culture!

Reserve by Wednesday, May 14, 2014 (or Thursday morning)

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