Seoul Global City in a pan-organizational environment. From solid to fluid society, an evolutionary movement leading where?

Christian Barde
Tuesday, May 9, 2017 -
7:30pm to 9:00pm
Second floor Residents’ Lounge, Somerset Palace
10,000 won for non-members and 5,000 won for students (with student ID); free for members



Zygmunt Bauman coined the term "liquid society" and developed this metaphor to describe our postmodernity: Over time, solids have clear spatial dimensions. Over time fluids, pass around some obstacles, dissolve some others. They do not have any shape but they can erode their surroundings and shape them.

The presentation will be focus on a few key historical events that have shaped today’s globalization, will place Seoul in this pan-organizational environment, and will propose a potential development of some identified issues.


Christian Pierre Barde started his career in Switzerland in 1993; in 1995, with his wife, he established his company, Parafe, in Korea. Starting from interior design projects, he then worked on architecture and urban-scale projects in collaboration with local and international companies such as Junglim, Kunwon Engineering, Egis group and Christian de Portzamparc. He designed the 2002 FIFA World Cup Broadcasting Center and in 2006-2007 was a member of the Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games Committee.

He has taught at Hongik and Yonsei Universities. He is currently a PhD candidate at Seoul National University. He is focusing his studies on the global cities development phenomena in relation with the globalization process and their societal issues.

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