This Year's Transactions

Transactions Volume 88 (2013) has just been published. It is automatically sent free to all paid-up RASKB members. Libraries and individuals who are not members should inquire about the cost and delivery by email to

Contents include:

Czechoslovakia in the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission by Alex Svamberk
In Memorarium: Alan Heyman (1931 - 2014)
Christianity, American Missionaries, and Korean Immigration to the United States, 1903-1015 by Wayne Patterson
1945: Korean Faces a Post-Colonial Industrial Future by Bill Streifer
From Traditional Opera to Modern Music Theatre? by Jan Creutzenberg
Symbolism and Literary Reference in Traditional Korean Gardens by Jill Matthews
Korea in the Asian Crisis of 1997 - 1998: the IMF Crisis in Korea by Hank Morris
Jean Perry: Twenty Years a Korean Missionary by Gigi Santow
An English Chemist Visits Korea in 1899 edited by Brother Anthony
Robert Thomas's First Trip to Korea edited by Robert Neff
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