This Year's Transactions

Transactions Volume 86 has just been published. It is automatically sent free to all paid-up RASKB members. Libraries and individuals who are not members should inquire about the cost by email to

Contents include:

Back to the Past: A Visit to North Korea in October 2011 by J. E. Hoare
The Wall which Crumbles: North Korea and the Outside World by Andrei Lankov
The Early History of Korean Electric Light and Power Development by Moon-Hyon Nam
Scandals and Gossip in Joseon Korea by Robert Neff
The Imch'eonggak, Neo-Confucian Aesthetics, and Architecture Parlante by Pablo N. Barrera.
A History of Tea in China, Sometimes Touching on Korea by Steven D. Owyoung.
Tea in Early and Later Joseon: Yi Mok, Dasan, Cho-ui by Brother Anthony
And more!

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