Color and Pageantry in Seoul’s Temples on Buddha's Birthday

This afternoon and evening will be especially memorable. As well as helping to commemorate this special day, you will witness all the color and pageantry which the Koreans lavish on the celebration of the birth of Buddha. The lanterns, costumes, and celebratory dances are colorful and joyful. Just don’t forget your camera!

Tea-making in Jiri Mountain

UPDATE: The bus will leave at 7:30 am from in front of Yongsan Post Office (in front of Exit 1 of Sinyongsan subway station Line 4).

(cancelled) Ganghwa-do

Ganghwa is the fifth largest island in Korea and is situated at the mouth of the Han River just south of the DMZ. Because of its location near Songdo (Kaesong) and Seoul, it was used as a place of refuge by kings fleeing from Mongolian and Manchurian armies during the Goryeo and Joseon periods. Ganghwa dominated the sea approach to Seoul and saw several clashes with foreign naval forces just prior to the "opening" of Korea in 1876.

Yankee Knight Errant at the Court of the Emperor Manque: William Franklin Sands and King Gojong in the "Korean Cockpit"

William Franklin Sands was the last independent American adviser to the Joseon Dynasty. As such, his Korean career provides a personal book-end to the first period of official American involvement with Korea, which terminated shortly after Sand's departure in 1905 at the behest of the Japanese who were just then beginning to take the steps that would eventuate in Japan's complete annexation of Korea in 1910 and sought to remove someone they perceived as an obstacle to their designs. Unlike George C.

Zen (Seon) Meditation and its Benefits

What is the direction or purpose of Zen (Seon) Meditation and what are basic techniques? Also what are the five joys of meditation of which Buddha spoke? The talk will focus on the roots of Korean Buddhism and Seon meditation, the basic techniques taught by Korean Seon and its application to our modern life.


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