From the First Tram to Korea’s Modern Day Transport System

Transportation played a very important role in Korea’s economic growth during the 20th century. It developed as rapidly as the economy, and today Korea’s cities have some of the most efficient public transport systems in the world. This lecture will take the audience through how public transport developed from the first trams in Seoul to today’s subway systems, and conclude by looking at what the future holds.

The Comfort Women of WWII

Who were they? Sex slaves, prostitutes, or kidnapped girls forced to provide sex to Japanese soldiers? Since their stories jumped into the spotlight in the early 1990s—after over forty years of silence—controversies have embroiled the issue. Conflicting conjectures continue. How many comfort women were there? What were their lives like before, during, and after their time as comfort women? How should we teach future generations about this chapter of WWII history?

Bhutan 2017

Join the RAS on our overseas excursion to Bhutan during the Lunar New Year's Holiday next year! Our very first trip to Bhutan, we have put much effort putting this together. Many thanks go out to Tom Coyner, who will be leading this tour. 

*The price of this excursion includes a round trip ticket from Incheon to Bangkok. You may wish to join us in Bangkok, in which case your price will be reduced by the cost of the airfare. 


Pictures from the Past – the charm and revelations of historic Korean postcards

Historic picture postcards comprise one of the largest sources of visual images of traditional and modernizing Korea. Especially those published between 1900 and the 1940s give us fascinating looks at Korean life and society of the time. As it happens, they also they provide a rich body of images that document the Japanese occupation.

CONFIRMED - (NOTE: itinerary change) Museum of Shamanism and Yongam-sa Temple

The abbot of Jinkwansa passed away a few days ago so we will go to Young Am Sa or the "Dragon Rock Temple," which is also located in Bukan Mountain Fortress National Park, instead. To avoid walking in hot and rainy weather, we will go by taxi from the Shamanism Museum and return to Gupabal subway station by around 6 pm. The following is a note passed to us by the tour leader himself. 

The Latter-Day Diaspora Century, a Personal Journey A Conversation With the Iconic K.W. (Kyung Won) Lee Return of a Prodigal Son to the Land of Everlasting Hahn*

Come and join in a lively conversation with K.W. Lee, an iconic and unique Korean American, born 88 years ago in Kaesong. He is a groundbreaking, award-winning journalist and role model dedicated to an equitable society, justice and racial harmony.

After three years at Korea University, K.W. Lee went to the United States and continued his education at West Virginia University and the University of Illinois. While an undergraduate and graduate student, he was the editor of The Korean Messenger, a Korean language periodical for Korean students in the U.S.

Building Sandcastles in Seoul: Socio-cultural Barriers to Doing Business in South Korea

Since the late 1990s the South Korean government has been making concerted efforts to attract higher levels of foreign direct investment. However, inward FDI has yet to reach its full potential, despite on going reforms in South Korea and the implementation of a series of free trade agreements with its key trading partners. Drawing on interviews carried out in 2009 and 2016 with EU executives, diplomats and trade officials, this lecture will consider the changing range of socio-cultural issues that present challenges to foreign companies trading with and investing in South Korea.


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