[confirmed] Visit to the House of Sharing

Join the RAS as we take an emotional journey to the House of Sharing, the home of living comfort women who were forced to become sex-slaves during World War II.

Lecture Video: Paradise Lost of Two Korean Americans


Lecturer: Byung Joon Jung and Vladimir Hlasny

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Lecture Video: From the First Tram to Korea’s Modern Day Transport System

Transportation played a very important role in Korea’s economic growth during the 20th century. It developed as rapidly as the economy, and today Korea’s cities have some of the most efficient public transport systems in the world. This lecture will take the audience through how public transport developed from the first trams in Seoul to today’s subway systems, and conclude by looking at what the future holds.

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Museum Night - The Opening of Korea in 1876

No rsvp is necessary but we would appreciate a brief email for a headcount.  royalasiatickorea@gmail.com 


Ghostly Encounters of Modern Korea

In the late 19th century, Korea was described as one of the most haunted places in the world – a land populated by ghosts who terrorized the mortal inhabitants of the peninsula. American missionary, George Heber Jones wrote:

The Korean War: Who Won? Who Lost? Who Cares?

Midnight, 27th July, 1953. An eerie silence – a silence unheard for three hideous, blood-drenched years – descended across miles after mile after mile of scorched, cratered hills and denuded, sinister valleys: An armistice had been signed. The Korean War was over…

…or was it? In fact, the demons had barely been suppressed. Six decades later, they continue to stalk the land.



Surrounded by beautiful mountain and river scenes, the ancient Baekje capitals of Gongju and Buyeo played very important roles in the tides of Korean history. Dating back almost 1700 years, the Baekje Kingdom at its height was the center of arts and culture on the Korean peninsula and beyond.

Our first stop will be the Buyeo Museum, one of Korea's National Museum network. On display in the museum are some of the most unique and beautiful art treasures in all Korea.

(cancelled) Geumsan-sa temple & the Eunjin Mireuk


This excursion will take us to Geumsan-sa temple near Gimje, where there is a lot to see; on the way back we will visit Gwanchok-sa Temple in Nonsan to admire the great Eunjin Mireuk statue.


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